1920s fashion trends

1920s fashion trends

1920s fashion trends – The 1920s is an easy place to start, if you really want to understand what life and fashion was like in the 1920s, you have to see the film The Great Gatsby.

In America, the 1920s are often referred to as the Jazz Age. It was a time of economic boom after the First World War. In Europe, it is known as the golden twenties. And the French refer to it as the Crazy Years.

The Wall Street crash of 1929 at the end of the decade was a major turning point and heralded a whole new world.

In 1921, in the Soviet Union, in the eastern half of the world, the Bolsheviks created a new economic policy. In 1928, the new economic policy was followed by the first five-year plan, which implemented planned economy. The 1920s saw the emergence of far-right political movements in Europe. In Italy, fascism was founded in 1922.

And in the West, the first wave of feminism appeared, with women gaining the right to vote in 1920, and in Ireland and Britain, women were given the vote.

1920s fashion trends

Hollywood in the 1920s

The 1920s saw the silent film era in Hollywood. In this decade, Hollywood films conquered the world, and the worldwide expansion led to a huge expansion. Increasingly, the focus was on feature film production.

It was in this decade that the Hollywood studio system was established. Metro-Goldwin-Mayer and Paramount Pictures were the largest. These two studios generated the most revenue in this period. 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, United Artist and Warner Brothers made up the rest of the market.

In 1926-1927, the transition to talkies took place. The concept of the musical appeared at the same time as sound. In 1927, the Jazz Singer was released, as the screenings had previously been accompanied by music.

In 1927, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded, which presents the most famous Academy Awards. The first Academy Awards ceremony took place on 16 May 1929.

1920s fashion trends

Fashion changed a lot in the 1920s. Women’s fashion was moving away from the restrictive styles of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. There was a move towards more relaxed dressing. This looser clothing showed more of the arms and legs.

Men began to wear less formal daytime attire. They wore more sporty attire. It was during this decade that sportswear became part of mainstream fashion.

From 1925 onwards, the public became more passionate about the new styles.

Women’s fashion

Paris set the fashion trends for Europe and North America. Women’s fashion in the 1920s was all about letting go. The role of women in society changed and with it, women’s fashion changed.

After the First World War, sportswear became the preferred wear for younger women.

The emergence of the flapper subculture undoubtedly had an impact and made a memorable fashion trend a reality. Young, Western women wore short skirts, listened to jazz and sought to push the boundaries of the then accepted rules of behaviour.

Daytime wear was the straight-lined coat, worn mostly with a hat. New dances like the Charleston created a new type of fashion.

A new movement in the arts, surrealism, emerged and strongly influenced fashion. Elsa Schiparelli was a key Italian fashion designer of the decade, and one who was really influenced by art beyond reality.

In Paris, a new expression for evening wear was coined, now called the cocktail dress. With the emergence of the modern woman, the drinking woman also appeared. Cocktail dresses were adorned with a matching cap, gloves and shoes.

1920s fashion trends

Men’s fashion

In the 1920s, men wore short suit jackets. The old long coats were worn only on formal occasions. Baggy trousers, called Oxford jackets, came into fashion in 1925. In the 1920s, sportswear such as sweatshirts and shorts were fashion trends. Men’s fashion became less regimented and less formal.

Men’s hats in the 1920s

Upper-class men wore top hats or Homburg hats. The Fedora, or Trilby, was the hat of choice for the middle classes. Working class men wore flat caps.

1920s fashion trends
1920s fashion trends
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