A European milliner and hat designer

A European milliner and hat designer

A European milliner and hat designer – Kolos Schilling a European milliner and hat designer. He was born in 1973 in Hungary, but has also lived in Switzerland. Kolos, a European milliner and hat designer made hats for television shows, which were really spectacular pieces. He also works as a stylist. The traditional, classical line is not far from him, as he also selects the best possible hat for the heads of the horse derby audience.

He was the leading stylist in the 2008 film Berlin Calling. He is the costume designer for the 2014 film Styria.

In the field of film production, Butiqhuehotel.Hu lists him as a stylist and costume designer. In theatre, she has designed hats for the Goetheanum’s production of Faust and costume design for the productions of Look at Me, Mother and Clean Dirt in Budapest.

He has worked on TV shows such as Megasztár. He also made video clips and commercials, where he worked as a stylist.

In hat design and production she worked with the most famous Hungarian fashion designers such as Kati Zob, Dora Mojzes, Kata Szegedi, Used, Elysian, Nanushka.


A milliner and hat designer makes the hats.


Fashion accessory

The hat is a very important fashion accessory.

Initially, people used hats to protect themselves from the environment and weather. Later, however, they became part of dressing and fashion. It has become a very important fashion accessory over time. Today, we wear hats not only for their function but also for their aesthetics.


Milliner def

What does milliner mean? What is the main difference between a milliner and a hatter? If you continue reading this article, you will find out the most important difference between the two professions.

Milliner definition


What does milliner mean?

Definition of milliner. What is a milliner? A milliner is a person who designs hats for women. They also make or sell the hats.


What is a male hatmaker called?

A male milliner is called a hatter. The main difference between the two professions is that a milliner makes hats for women and works in a millinery shop. A hatter makes hats for men and works in a hattery.


Why are hat makers called milliners?

Originating from Milan, one of the capitals of the fashion world in Italy, the word was first used sometime in the early 16th century. It refers to a merchant from Milan, who sells fancy goods.


What is another word for milliner?

Synonyms for milliner are hatter, hat maker, modiste, confectioner, haberdasher, hat salesman, hatmaker, dressmaker, seamstress, shoemaker and jeweller.







A European milliner and hat designer
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