Best Movie Bloopers

Shooting a film is really hard work. What does the actor have to pay attention to? Of course, he has to learn the lines and create the character. Then he has to know where he is, what his relationship is with the other character. It’s not an easy job, because there are many times when your partner is not there in the studio. They may be filmed separately. He may be there, but he can’t see him very well because of the reflectors shining in his eyes.


The director has to work out the locations in collaboration with the set designer. The right equipment and props are also important. He needs to build up the scene with the actors. And in the meantime, he has to pay attention to other equipment such as lighting and sound recording. You should not leave out that the scripture is constantly recording, also what is being recorded.

Also, a scene is not recorded once. It is important that if something in the scene changes, everything should be reset before the next take. It is no wonder that this big and powerful machine sometimes makes mistakes. The actors and crew laugh while they work. These are also recorded. Here are the best videos, film bloopers.


The Devil wears Prada







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Best Movie Bloopers
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