Best Y2K movies

The period between 1995 and 2005 is known as the Y2K era. In the mid-nineties, there was a fear of the millennium. The fear was that the digital world would collapse. People feared that when the number of years changed from 1999 to 2000, computers would behave as if we were back in 1900.

Most computer systems stored for years in just two digits. So this fear was real. A great deal of effort had to be made by computer programmers and computer specialists to ensure that there was no problem.

Thanks to these efforts, the error did not occur. However, the era and the aesthetics that developed during this period have been dubbed Y2K. Below is a list of films made during the Y2K era.
To better understand this era, it is helpful to look at the films that were made during this period. So here are the films that can bring us closer to understanding the aesthetics of Y2K.


New York Minute (2004)


A fashion fantasy by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as New York girls Jane and Roxy Ryan. They appeared in flat caps, colourful leather dresses and thin scarves.

Save the Last Dance (2001)


The film brought the world of hip-hop and African-American dance, already prevalent on the MTV channel, to the world of film. It filled a huge void. It bridged the gap between the formal dance world and the underground club scene in Chicago.

The Hot Chick (2002)


The costumes in this film are among the best of the era. It’s about the exciting adventures of a sullen cheerleader who discovers the effects of her own behaviour.



Hackers (1995)


The film follows a group of high school hackers. Made in 1990, the film was largely unknown territory for the general public at the time. The film quotes the Hacker Manifesto: “”This is our world now… the world of the electron and the switch […] We exist without colour, without nationality, without religious bias… and you call us criminals. […] Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is curiosity.”

The Net (1995)


Angela Bennett is a computer programmer who spends her life at the computer. She is supposed to fix a strange bug in a program that turns her life into a nightmare.

Legally Blonde (2001)


Elle Woods stars as Reese Witherspoon. This film is for lovers of pink. In addition to dressing well-coordinated, it is important to dress well for every occasion. A character who stands up for female empowerment.

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)


This film is full of fashion moments. It’s not about typical girls and that makes the clothes look great. Soccer sets are just as much a part of the look as low necklines, tight tops and blue jeans.

Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)


London has always been the fashion capital of the world. Through the eyes of a young 30-year-old, we get a glimpse of the real life in the city. Bridget Jones often dresses in comfortable pyjamas, often daydreams. She often pours red wine into her glass and lights up a cigarette, looking for the real connection.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)


A favourite film for fashion fans. Anyone who says it’s not is not telling the truth. It’s about industry clichés. It’s about Andy’s transformation from simple skirt girl to style star.


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Best Y2K movies
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