Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat

Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat

Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat – Street style fashion in style

Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat – Street style is a fashion that many people think does not originate from the studios, but from streetwear. It is usually associated with youth culture. It is mostly found in big cities.

Street style has revolutionised the fashion industry and social movements. In different parts of the world, this style gives a completely different look. It is a way of expressing oneself and showing one’s identity.

The New York Times, Elle and other magazines feature photographs of people walking down the street. And people are walking clothes, so we can get an idea from these pictures of what the man in the street in a city is wearing. The mainstream fashion industry looks to street fashion trends for inspiration and sources. Most youth subcultures have created their own streetwear. Today, street style is becoming increasingly popular.


Street style in fashion trends

This fashion trend started in the twentieth century after the Second World War. It originated in the British fashion culture. During the Second World War, clothing regulations influenced fashion. After the end of the war, the mass fashion industry became an important segment. Mass culture created a period when people wanted to change the accepted, familiar everyday life.

Over the decades, different groups have emerged, with hippies, punks and even bikers all having their own style, which can be precisely identified in terms of fashion and dress. But in order to experiment with style, the youth of the ’70s and ’80s had to be free-spirited people.

Nowadays we talk a lot about the popularity of ’80s fashion. Many people would like to bring this period back, because it was such a special era of colour, new trends and fashion, when a whole new era was born. It was a decade of freedom, and by freedom we mean the freedom of the individual.


Fashion trends

Very often, street style is based on individualism. Of course, because by using street style, the individual has the opportunity to show his or her own personality. So it is the individual who shapes it, influenced by subcultural and individual styles or trends. Thus, thanks to this, identities can be revealed through the act of dressing.

The countercultures of the 1980s and 1990s, which included graffiti, hip-hop and surfing, created a fashion industry that grew into a multi-billion dollar retail industry over the years.

Fashion icons such as Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain have contributed to the freedom of street style.


Street style

It’s important to mention the name of Bill Cunningham, who was a photojournalist for The New York Times and was an avid photographer of the man in the street. He has produced a complete catalogue of the clothing of the everyday man. So he used to say that the streets tell us everything about fashion, about the man, in case we listen and pay attention properly. He believes that the best fashion shows are made on the streets every day.

Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat

Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat

Jeremy Scot is a master of blending street style and high fashion. He also made great clothes for Adidas. The picture shows Jeremy Scot X Adidas bomber jacket. The bomber jacket was a major fashion item of the 90s. It came from military dressing into men’s fashion. For fighter pilots, the leather jacket was no longer appropriate as technology advanced. The ability to fly higher and increase speed required the design of a more tailored jacket.


Thus was born the Bomber, which with the changing times became part of men’s fashion. A popular fashion accessory is the hat, which is also enjoying a Renaissance. Pictured here is a G-Star hat. The hat is a wool felt, vintage piece in a wheat-blue colour.

Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat






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Fashion Trends

As Ralph Lauren put it, “What I do is about living the best life possible and enjoying the fullness of life around you. From what you wear, to how you live, how you love.

Fashion Trends  – Fashion definitely rules in clothing. In our online magazine, we want to bring our readers news and interesting facts that will help to enrich their everyday lives.

Firstly we believe that everyone is entitled to the soul-lifting moments. When we wear a garment, not just for its function, but for its aesthetics.

Also we express our individuality, our emotions and our thoughts about the world. Fashion necessarily dominates dressing, but anything with a formal look. So fashion can be fashionable, and even an idea or a vision can be fashionable.

So we want our readers to read posts that make their everyday lives better.

The word fashion usually refers to a trend of a particular culture or age. This often involves dress, protocol and rules of social interaction.

In the most general sense, fashion is a system of customs that govern social interaction.

fashion trend


Fashion Trends – LIFESTYLE

The literal meaning of lifestyle is habits, attitudes, moral norms that together make up the lifestyle of a person or a group.

In sociological terms, it refers to the interests, opinions, attitudes and behavioural orientations of an individual or group.

Live different lives in rural areas than in cities. A way of life usually reflects an individual’s attitudes, lifestyle, values or worldview.

It is therefore a means of forging a sense of self and creating cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity.

Not all aspects of lifestyle are voluntary. We believe that the good life is not just for a narrow coveted class with great wealth.

I try to publish posts that help you discover yourself, your desires. I want to help inspire our readers to create a better life.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your circumstances, it is important for every person to have moments in their life that are their own, where they can express their individuality.


Fashion Trends – CAREER

Career – We spend a significant part of our lives building our careers. Whether we work for a company as an employee or as a student, we believe that leisure is an important value for all of us.

We want all people to be able to do work that fulfills and improves their everyday lives. If you’re doing work you love, you’re not working.

Another very important area of a career is when you stop being an employee and start your own business. When you start a business it is important not to create an extra job for yourself.

Rather, it is a system that allows us to have more free time, more self-fulfilment. Many entrepreneurs fail by creating a job for themselves rather than a system that gives them more opportunities.


Fashion Trends – RECIPES

Recipes – The kitchen is a special place in our lives. It’s where the food that is meant to be healthy, delicious and nutritious is prepared. We want to collect and publish recipes that make it easy, quick and simple to prepare the specialities of our kitchens.

We are committed to trying to help our readers create happy little moments. So often, we get tired of the routines we implement day after day. We would like to inspire our readers by publishing content that, if implemented, might contribute to a more pleasant weekday.

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s important to be open. Dare to try new things. To do things we haven’t done before. It’s important to find your own style. We are adamant that every human being deserves the happiness that comes from preparing special dishes.


Fashion Trends – BEAUTY

Beauty is a relative concept. All women and men desire to be considered beautiful by someone. The beauty industry sets the trends.

In our opinion, to achieve, it is not necessarily necessary to have a separate bank account to achieve that goal. It is more important to feel good about yourself.

Of course, in order to feel good about ourselves, it is important to have the tools we need to achieve mental balance. A trip, a holiday or even just a small excursion can contribute to our peace of mind. It’s a great way to relax to go to another city and just walk around a bit and then come back home. All women and men deserve pampering in the area of facial and body care.

We want to publish posts that help our readers discover and show off their own beauty.


Fashion Trends – CELEBRITIES

In the century of the celebrities, the early 20th century saw the start of cinema’s world tour. By mid-century, Hollywood had become the centre of the film world. The Hollywood dream factory gave the world a star culture. The stars of the silver screen lived a life of luxury, appearing on red carpets at film premieres and admired at awards ceremonies.

But the luxurious, luxurious lives of celebrities are not for everyone. In this column we want to show the human face of the stars. So we believe, and arguably advocate, that it is possible to live a fulfilling life even if you are not living a luxurious life.

In the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly important to look at oneself. Also we believe that we can make our lives better, more beautiful and more fulfilling by the means available to all of us. We want to publish articles that help our readers to discover their value. And live their lives according to their values, in a healthy and happy way.


Bomber Jacket and G-Star Hat
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