Fall 2022 fashion trends

Fall 2022 fashion trends

Fall 2022 fashion trends

Fall 2022 fashion trends – In a single word: nostalgia. Nostalgia can take many forms. Creative fashion professionals in New York, London, Milan, Paris have all felt the longing for a better life. Nostalgia on the catwalks was a return to the basics of the 90s and 2000s. Prada’s white waistcoat will definitely be a big hit this season. White waistcoats are up and coming, very saleable products. The dominant force is TikTok and youth driven pop culture.


If you live in the other part of the world, please forgive me, but the continental climate zone has the most sunshine right now. It is summer. This is when we go on holiday in our county and as the month of August approaches we are getting more and more prepared for the weather to change. The fashion industry has already unveiled its autumn 2022 winter collections. From which we can draw lessons for next season’s fashion trends. True, for now we still have a possible trip to the beach to look forward to, but when it comes to revamping our wardrobe, we should start thinking about autumn pieces if we want to arrive in style for the next season.


Autumn 2022

So in the world in recent years we have been preparing for a more open, better life after the closure, after the global pandemic. Our joy at the re-launch of the fashion shows was not without its upsets, as we saw the horrors of a new war. In the fashion world, openness is crucial. Diversity and human values are reflected in this medium. Solidarity with Ukraine has also played a role in recent fashion events. TikTok offers much more in style, subculture and age groups. Diversity and tastefulness are present on the platform. It pushes designers to create the best ever.

Experimental fashion

Experimental fashion pushes the boundaries of everyday dressing. Valentino brand creative director Pierpaolo Piccolo has collaborated with Pantone to create a unique hot pink shade. Get ready for Valentino Pink PP. Among the A/W trends for the season, we’ve seen bags getting bigger, colours getting brighter and everything seems to be covered in shiny sequins.

The party will be the dominant trend next season. The Browns chief “As a company, we have invested in party dresses in our ready-to-wear collections and in our non-clothing, and we expect the Browns customer will want to dress up for any given occasion“.


Younger consumers have created new values. Now they want more than just really unique items. The internet and recycling have become an incredible part of their everyday life. So they want products that retain their value. What’s more! They will become even more valuable over time.


They adapted the cut-out, detailed summer dresses for their autumn/winter collection. They create mostly covered silhouettes, but the clothes show off the wearer’s skin. Spotted on the catwalks of New York and London.

Bright colours from 80s fashion trends

Coats will keep you warm in style in cooler weather. On the catwalks of Paris and Copenhagen, jackets were dominated by bright colours.

Women in suits

The fashion trend of suits worn by women continued. More women wore suits on the catwalks. The change this season is that the silhouettes of suits have started to adapt more and more to women’s fashion. They have become more graceful, more feminine.

Dopamine dressing

Dopamine suits can help you get through the damp, gloomy, cold months, a trend to wear clothes that lift your mood, whether it’s neon colours, playful prints or both. All clothes you feel good in, that bring a smile to your face

In summary, nostalgia and a sense of the good life will drive the dressing trends. Within this, there is a sense of a longing for good parties after being cooped up. Party dressing in sequin dresses really sparkled on the runways. The new generation, the internet generation, is more conscious of their purchasing behaviour. They are now the masters of recycling. They know that in time they will sell their junk online. So they look for items that retain their value. Better still, they will become even more valuable over time. Openness and diversity are among our values. Solidarity with Ukrainian brands in this terrible situation is a given in world fashion events.

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Fall 2022 fashion trends
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