How are Gen Z and Gen Y changing the world and the fashion industry?

How are Gen Z and Gen Y changing the world and the fashion industry?

Sustainable fashion is a new trend among Gen Z and Gen Y

Like all other industries, the fashion industry is constantly evolving and changing. Members of the new generation are asking new questions such as what is the environmental impact of the clothes they want to buy? How was the garment made? What material, fabric and process was used? When we want a new and fashionable dress to add to our wardrobe, we ask these questions.

Incidentally, a study was conducted on young members of Gen Z and Gen Y, looking at their media consumption habits. Many thought that young people did not consume news. But the results were quite surprising. The majority of young people consume news! According to a survey, Gen Z and Gen Y get their news from social media, local television and subscription content.

79% of young people read the news every day! A third subscribe to news services out of their own pocket. A study into the media consumption habits of young people aged 16 to 40 found that they are exhausted by constant misinformation and tragic news. Traditional news hasn’t been abandoned completely, but new habits and news sources are being used by Gen Z and Gen Y, those aged 16 to 40.


How are Gen Z and Gen Y changing the world and the fashion industry?

Not only do they keep themselves informed on a daily basis, but some of them pay out of their own pockets to use news information systems. News reading and information exhausts young people.
The discourse on sustainability is therefore a legitimate topic in fashion, as it is a $2 trillion industry responsible for 10% of the global carbon footprint! Water pollution and levels of textile waste and the use of toxic chemicals are among the harmful things that harm the environment.

Recently, Gen Z and Gen Y members have aligned themselves with brands that care about sustainability. Who are aware of the need to reduce the harm that this industry is doing to the environment.
Sustainable and ethical fashion has become part of the values of this generation. As fashion changes, a slow fashion is emerging, which is about clothes staying in use for longer. And they do so by staying in fashion for a long time. Slow fashion also gives consumers the opportunity to make a considered choice when buying.

Gen Z and Gen Y are creating an evolution in fashion. Young people are the first to call for change. When it comes to environmental sustainability, their voice is more important as they see the negative impact on the environment and the future it creates for them. They know that if they don’t act now, they will have to live in a world where much of nature’s beauty is already lost. They will soon become the largest consumer base in the global economy, and are therefore able to drive money towards more sustainable brands.

How are Gen Z and Gen Y changing the world and the fashion industry?
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