How did Emanuel Ungaro inspire other designers in the 1980s?

How did Emanuel Ungaro inspire other designers in the 1980s?

How did Emanuel Ungaro inspire other designers in the 1980s? – Emanuel Ungaro was a French fashion designer who founded his own fashion label in 1965. Four years later he founded his own fashion house in Paris. Swiss artist Sonja Knapp and Elena Bruna Fassio helped her to start her own brand.

He was a typical designer of the space age. Ultramodern, brightly coloured futuristic clothes characterised her work in the 1960s. In the 70s he became known for his intense mix of colour prints. It was in the 80s that he achieved his greatest influence on fashion.


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In the eighties she created a sensual, very feminine look. He was very popular with the public. In the opening of the Sunday column of The Times, it was said that Emanuel Ungaro has a great charm.

In the 1980s, there became a tendency to mix one wonderful piece of material with another. And five or six other materials. His stunning blends of satin, lace and wool were highly acclaimed. His fabric blends inspired other designers to follow his example.





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How did Emanuel Ungaro inspire other designers in the 1980s?
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