How did the heavy metal subculture develop?

How did the heavy metal subculture develop?

How did the heavy metal subculture develop? – Heavy metal fans created their own subculture. Apart from the musical style, they grew their hair long and often wear jackets and vests made of denim or leather. Decorated with stripes and studs.

Associated with alcohol, tobacco and drug use, as well as motorcycling and lots of tattoos. There are songs that celebrate drinking, smoking and drug use, gambling, tattooing and partying. There are also many songs that talk about the dangers of all of these.

Metal fans tended to be working class. Heavy metal fans have created a subculture of alienation. They formed an exclusionary youth community. They distinguished themselves and marginalised themselves from mainstream society.

They formed a strongly masculine community with shared values, norms and behaviour. They demand a code of credibility from their bands to be uninterested in commercialism and radio hits.

They resist established authority and separate themselves from the rest of society. Fans expect bands to have total devotion to the music and to remain loyal to the subculture. A true artist must be an idealised representative of the subculture.


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How did the heavy metal subculture develop?

Authenticity is a fundamental value. A poseur is a person who pretends to be a member of heavy metal, copying the heavy metal dress style, but not really understanding the culture and its music.

The term poseur has been used to describe bands who have turned the style into radio-friendly rock music with their heavy metal sound.

At concerts, instead of the typical dancing, they would shake their heads up and down to the music, an action signified by the term heartburn. They use the cone hand gesture, which is the outstretched index and pinky fingers and is called the devil horn.

Ronnie James Dio popularized this sign. He claimed that his Italian grandmother used it to ward off evil. After joining the metal band Balck Sabbath, he started using this sign. The previous singer Ozzy Osborne used the peace sign at concerts, which meant raising the index and middle finger.

Dio also wanted to use a sign, but he didn’t want the fans to say he was copying Osborne. Asked in a later interview whether he had introduced the sign to the heavy metal subculture, he said:

“I very much doubt that I was the first to have done it. It’s like saying I invented the wheel and I’m sure someone else did it at some other time. I guess you’d have to say I made it fashionable.”

The fashion in heavy metal culture is typically tight blue jeans, motorcycle boots, sneakers and black T-shirts. Fans often wear T-shirts with the bands’ logos. The studded leather jacket is a typical piece of clothing in heavy metal culture.

How did the heavy metal subculture develop?
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