How did Vivienne Westwood influence fashion in the 2000s?

How did Vivienne Westwood influence fashion in the 2000s?

How did Vivienne Westwood influence fashion in the 2000s? – Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood is an English fashion designer and businesswoman. The mainstream emergence of modern punk and new wave fashion can be attributed to her name. She came to public attention with her boutique on the King’s Road. She was a punk fashion phenomenon in the 1970s.




In 2002 he opened a boutique in Hong Kong. The following year, she opened her flagship boutique in Milan, Italy. In 2004, Vivienne Westwood’s contribution to fashion was celebrated with a retrospective exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum.


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She begins a long-term collaboration with The Rug Company, designing rugs and cushions. In 2007, he receives the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design Award at the British Fashion Awards.

Also in 2007, Westwood is approached by King’s College London to design an academic dress. “By reworking the traditional gown, I was trying to connect the past, present and future. We are who we know.




Her creations also appeared in the 2008 film Sex and the City. The iconic wedding dress sold out in a matter of hours and was available to buy online. In 2011, Princess Eugenie wore three Westwood designs at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Pharrell Williams wore a Westwood Buffalo hat at the 56th Grammy Awards in 2014, originally from Westwood’s 1982-83 collection.





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How did Vivienne Westwood influence fashion in the 2000s?
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