How to create happiness?

It is an eternal and big question whether happiness is something that can be learned or something that is forged for us by fate. Bruce Hood, Professor at the University of Bristol, argued in a BBC podcast series that happiness can be learned.


Quick quotes, kitchen psychology, a plethora of advice columns on happiness are not in short supply in our world. Guidelines and a wealth of unsolicited advice are at our disposal.
Yet many of us feel that this advice does not work.


In the podcast, myths about happiness were first dispelled. From which we learned that happiness is not just a hedonistic pursuit. From the show, we can conclude that happiness is a function of a variety of thoughts, emotions and actions.

In one episode, we are encouraged to reflect on the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals. Imagine what the worst thing could be and make a contingency plan.

The Happiness Half Hour is an authentic insight into current research on happiness. You may want to pull out the podcast if you need to remind yourself that happiness is a learnable process.



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How to create happiness?
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