How to use the colour red in your dressing practice (Timothée Chalamet is a true fashion icon)

How to use the colour red in your dressing practice

In this article, we look at how you can use the latest scientific research to make the most of your dressing. We experiment. We’ll see if the looks of the biggest stars and fashion icons can be linked to these studies. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, go all in. If you manage to read through the article and understand the effects a red dress can have, hopefully you’ll be able to apply the appearance practicalities that can lead you to success.



Timothée Chalamet is a true fashion icon

Bones and All was screened at the Venice Film Festival. The film was screened on Friday. Timothée Chalamet plays one of the main roles in the film. Naturally, the actor appeared on the red carpet before the screening wearing a very special outfit.

The look was very impressive. He wore a bright blood red sleeveless jumpsuit with a cut-out back and a special scarf decoration around his neck.



Timothée Chalamet proved once again that he is a true fashion icon. The 26-year-old actor wore a one-of-a-kind dress by designer Haide Ackermann on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival.

The dress was inspired by Haider Ackermann’s Spring 2018 womenswear collection. Fans loved the special, exclusive look. Positive comments also appear online:


“I like that he breaks some stereotypes and creates her own style.”

“Timothée Chalamet is the sexiest man alive. No one can forget him.”




Haider Ackermann is a Colombian-born French confectionery fashion designer. He was born in Colombia and now lives in Paris. Ackermann was adopted by a French family when he was nine months old. He spent his childhood in Ethiopia, Chad, Algeria and France before moving to the Netherlands.

He was 12 when the family moved to the Netherlands. In Belgium, she studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He was inspired to pursue this career by the work of Yves Saint Laurent. However, he failed to hand in his assignments and was expelled from the university in 1997.

In 2001, he created his own brand. He presented his first womenswear collection at Paris Fashion Week. Some voices refer to him as the “Yves Saint Laurent” of the followers. Others see him as a worthy successor to Karl Lagerfeld.

Ackermann’s work juxtaposes and fuses different dress codes. His creations are often asymmetrical. His modern, dynamic creations and feminine silhouettes have been worn by big names such as Victoria Beckham, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Penélope Cruz, Tilda Swinton and Timothée Chalamet.

Timothée has already worn her extravagant outfits on several occasions, most recently on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, where the actor proved that she is a true fashion icon.


How can you use the movie star’s technique to boost your own results?



Several studies show that wearing red can boost your confidence. Red is a powerful and confident colour. We’ve known this for a long time. A new study further confirms it’s everyone’s favourite colour. When we wear red, we think differently about ourselves.

It’s not that wearing red makes others think we’re beautiful. It’s more about YOU thinking you look good when you wear that colour. According to an article in a scientific journal, wearing a red dress affects a person’s image of their own attractiveness.

Another study showed that men find women wearing red dresses sexually attractive. Another study also showed that wearing red increases performance. It may have an effect on sports performance because it can increase the speed and strength of reactions. The perception of the colour red increases motor performance, leading to greater physical intensity.

If you don’t particularly hate the colour red, use it. Wear red-coloured clothes. Take a look at the workout clothes you wear and think about how you can sneak read into them.

If you experiment with the psychology of red, good luck with that. I hope you look as impressive as the fashion icon movie actor in this gorgeous, extravagant outfit!




How to use the colour red in your dressing practice (Timothée Chalamet is a true fashion icon)
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