The common culture of Gen Z

Youth subcultures became rarer and quieter in the 2010s. This trend is true in real life, not so much online. Finishing school, owning a suburban home and maintaining friends and family connections, and getting a stable job motivated young people during this period.

It is these values rather than popular culture and glamour that have become the motivating factor. The boundaries between different subcultures have become blurred and nostalgic feelings have been heightened.


In 2018, the Cottagecore fashion aesthetic, based on rural life, has intensified. It has become a common subculture of Gen Z. The popularity of songwriter and singer Taylor Swift is a testament to nostalgia. Gen Z’s nostalgia culture spans several areas.

For example, car ownership. In Indonesia, social networks have been created that favour the purchase of cars that were fashionable in previous decades.


Vintage fashion is popular among Gen Z consumers. Reading and writing fan fiction is also widespread worldwide. Fan fiction was predominantly popular among teenagers and women in their twenties.

According to researchers, writing fan fiction stories can help combat social isolation. They receive anonymous feedback on their writing online, which can be interpreted as shared mentoring.

Another app, Spotify, also plays an important role in music listening, with Gen Z preferring old songs. They are not keeping up with new music. As a result, popular music has slowed down.



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The common culture of Gen Z
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