The kimono fashion trend

The kimono fashion trend

The kimono fashion trend

The kimono fashion trend  – The kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. It is a square garment with a rectangular body and rectangular sleeves. It is traditionally worn with a wide hem. There is a specific construction with which the kimono is worn. Men, women and children wear kimonos. The number of people who wear kimono regularly is low, as it has gained a reputation as an elaborate garment.

Over the past decades, the kimono has undergone several revivals. Mostly not in its traditional form, its infiltration into Western fashion has created a whole new garment fashion.

Kimono vs yukata


A yukata is a cotton kimono worn in casual settings, such as summer festivals or baths. It can also be referred to as a bathrobe. But their modern use is much wider. In Japan it is a common sight, usually made of several colours.


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The kimono fashion trend
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