What do we know about Gen Y?

Gen Y is the term used to describe people born between 1981 and 1996. Most of us are children of the baby boom era and parents of the Alpha generation. They are called Millennials because they are the ones who came of age around the turn of the millennium.

The trend worldwide is for young people to postpone marriage. They are having fewer children. They were less open to sexual relations than previous generations. People in the West are less likely to be members of religions, but they may be attracted to spirituality.


Sociologist Kathleen Shapuits calls it the boomerang generation or the Peter Pan generation, suggesting that Gen Y delayed the coming of age process longer than those born earlier. They also suggest that Gen Y members have lived with their parents longer.

Members of the previous generation got married and started careers, while Gen Y youth saw marriages end in divorce and that it is not a realistic expectation to get everything right the first time in building a career.

Gen Y came of age in an era when the internet was also influencing the entertainment industry. Studies have been developed to answer the question of how the spread of information in society influences human behaviour. This can be referred to as the hipster effect.




Computer games and computer culture have led to a decline in book reading. The tendency for teachers to now “test teach” has also led to a decline in lateral thinking skills.
Richard House, Roehampton University




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What do we know about Gen Y?
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