What is essential to know about the Rockabilly subculture?

What is essential to know about the Rockabilly subculture?

What is essential to know about the Rockabilly subculture? – Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music. In the United States, it dates back to the 1950s. It combines Western musical styles in a genre. It combines the sounds of country, rhythm and blues.

Its defining features are strong rhythms and boogie Woogie piano. Popularized by artists such as Carl Perkins, Elivs Presley. In the early 80’s rockabilly was revived.

Elvis Presley’s first recordings were made on Sun Records, a small independent music label. It was run by record producer Sam Phillips. Phillips recorded performances by blues and country musicians for several years.



In 1956, with his song Heartbreak Hotel and many other artists’ tracks, rockabilly would become a national genre. There were thousands of musicians who recorded songs in this style. Many record labels released rockabilly records, which achieved considerable success.


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Rockabilly music created for an attitude that appealed to teenagers. It was a combination of rebellion, sexuality and freedom. Fashion and music go hand in hand. Rockabilly fashion took on a life of its own. It combined fashion elements of country music and rock music.

The influence of Rockabilly of music, film and fashion can be seen in each decade from the 50s and 60s onwards.

The band Restless has been playing neo-rockabilly since the early 1980s. They mix any popular music to create a rockabilly setting with drums, bass and guitar. Many artists have followed this in London.



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What is essential to know about the Rockabilly subculture?
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