What you need to know about the Rude Boys?

What you need to know about the Rude Boys?

What you need to know about the Rude Boys? – Slang terms such as rude boy, Rudeboy, rude, rude or Rudy come from Jamaican street culture. They date back to the 1960s. We still use them today. In the late 1970s, the terms rude boy and rude girl became widespread in England.

These terms were carried over into the ska punk movement. The terms rude boy and rude girl can also be synonymous with a gangsta, yard or bad man.



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The subculture, originating from the poorer classes of Kingston, Jamaica, can be associated with disaffected and violent youth. They favoured sharp suits, thin ties and trilby hats.

The cowboy and gangster laws of the time also influenced this subculture.

The unemployed Jamaican youth found temporary work in the music industry. By the 1980s, dancehall had become the main genre of Jamaican popular music, which can be compared to the early Rude Boys.

In the 1960s, the Jamaican diaspora spread the Rude Boys style in London. It also influenced mod and skinhead culture. The term Rude Boy has been associated with musical genres such as reggae, jungle, drum and bass, grime. It is used primarily in the UK and the US by both old and new artists.



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What you need to know about the Rude Boys?
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